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The Analytics Edge



We are excited that you have decided to join us in 15.071x The Analytics Edge, offered by MITx through edX.

We are looking forward to sharing many exciting stories and examples of analytics with all of you. This course includes examples of analytics in a wide variety of industries, and we hope that you will learn how you can use analytics in your career and your life. One of the most important aspects of this course is that you, the student, are getting hands-on experience creating analytics models; we, the 15.071x course team, urge you to participate in the discussion forums and to use all the tools available to you while you are in the course!

We have pre-addressed some of your questions about this course in the "FAQ" document, downloadable through the "Course Handouts" panel on the right side of this page!

For an overview of how this course is organized, please download the "Syllabus," also available in the "Course Handouts" panel on the right side of this page. This document also contains grading standards. Note that edX courses use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for due dates and release times!

Additionally, we ask that you please review the rules and regulations of our course discussion forum. These are available in the "Discussion Forum Guidelines," which can be downloaded through a link in the "Course Handouts" panel, on the right. We want to encourage you to build a community through the discussion forum, but please adhere to the guidelines when posting on the forum!

We look forward to sharing the Analytics Edge with you!

Best Wishes,

The 15.071x Course Staff

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